Ayam Geprek Sambal Bawang Gluten Free

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Material :

Material :
1 tailed chicken 4
8 cloves of garlic mashed
1sdt pepper
1sdt Salt
1 tsp mushroom broth powder
1 egg .

Flour Coating:
100 gr cassava flour @ padanglima.id
25gr rice flour

How to make :
1. Mix well the chicken, garlic, pepper, powdered broth and salt. Let stand a few hours.
2. Add 1 egg. Stir well
3. Roll the chicken pieces into the flour
4. Fried chicken until brownish yellow

Onion sauce:

Material :
200 gr of red chili
10 pcs red cayenne
150 gr shallots
Sugar salt to taste
Adequate lemon juice
How to cook:
1. Remove the stems from the chili, peel the onions, leave the whole clean. Drain well
2. Heat the oil in a skillet. Fried chili and onion enough to wither a little, don't take too long. Lift
3. Grind the chillies and fried onions.
4. Saute the chili and onion with the used oil. Give salt and sugar to taste. Before being picked up, I stole the lemon juice.
5. Place the fried chicken on the mortar, geprek the chicken with the cobek until it is slightly flattened and crushed
6. Pour the sauce over the chicken. Serve

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