Pisang Goreng Kremes Gluten Free

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Banana Fried Kremes Gluten Free ????????.
- 1 gepok banana comb, choose the ripe but still solid
- Right amount of oil

Leather, mix well:
- 80 grams of multipurpose flour, Field Five
- 1 teaspoon palm sugar
- ¼ teaspoon salt
- 200 ml of water

Creamy ingredients, stir well together:
- 100 gr of Field Five flour
- 1 tablespoon of palm sugar
- ½ teaspoon salt
- 500 ml thin coconut milk

How to make:
✔ Heat oil in a concave pan, rather a lot.
✔ Slice the banana into 2, if the banana is thin, leave it intact.
✔ Take 1 tablespoon of crispy dough, pour quickly and slightly above the oil. Allow it to dry, half to the edge of the pan.
✔ Wrap the banana with the skin mixture, place the banana on a stretch of cream, then roll it until the cream covers the banana with silk's help.
✔ Fry until golden, lift, drain.
Serve warmly to break the fast with family ????.

nb. This mixture isn't too sweet huh, so it can be poured with chocolate / sugar sauce. If you want it to be sweet, add palm sugar to the mixture.
Creamy texture is rather fragile, if you want it harder you can add 1 tablespoon of flour & use whole eggs ????. Good luck!

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