Es Cendol Pandan Gluten Free

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Es Cendol Pandan Gluten Free ????.
Cendol Material:
120gr Ladang Lima Cassava flour
3 tablespoons of sago flour
1 teaspoon salt
600ml pandan water (10 pandan spreaders, blender with water)

Brown sugar sauce:
2 brown sugar
1 pandan leaf concluded
Enough water

Coconut Sauce:
400ml coconut milk rather thick
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 pandan leaf knot

How to cook :
1. Mix all cendol ingredients in 1 bowl and stir well. Cook on low heat until cooked.
2. Put the mixture into the cendol mold. Enter in a pan of boiling water and cook cendol until cooked.
3. Lift cendol and chill overnight in the refrigerator.
4. Cook brown sugar sauce until it dissolves and thickens.
5. Cook the coconut milk and stir it so that it doesn't break until the pandanus leaves are withered.
6. Serve cendol with coconut milk sauce, brown sugar sauce and ice cubes.

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