Mie Ayam Goreng Crispy Gluten Free

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Crispy Fried Chicken Vegetable Topping Noodle ????.

Material :
2 packets of beet vegetable noodles from @ladanglima
1 fillet chicken breast
8 tbsp multipurpose seasoning flour from @ladanglima
The oil for frying
Vegetables, for complement. I use lettuce, carrots and sliced chili
Ways of making:
- Cut the chicken into small cubes
- Put the versatile seasoning flour into a container with a lid
- Put the chicken that has been cut into a container that has been filled with flour, close the container and shake it until all the surface of the chicken is covered with flour
- Heat the oil, fry the chicken until golden yellow. Remove and drain
- boil vegetable noodles @ladanglima to al dente. Prepare the finished spices contained in the noodle packaging, stir the noodles together with the spices until smooth
- For serving, arrange noodles on a bowl, put vegetables and cripsy fried chicken on top. To make it more delicious, sprinkle chili pieces. Serve. Noodles are ready to serve ????

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