Gluten Free Putu Ayu

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Gluten free AYU PUTU

Material :
2 eggs
80 gr sugar
100gr cassava flour @
1/2 tsp sp / tbm
1sdt Vanilla powder
125 ml coconut water (100 ml coconut water + 25 ml pandan sludge)
1 / 2sdt Pandan pasta
1/2 pcs of grated coconut, give a little salt, steamed.
How to make :
1. Mix sugar and eggs until fluffy for about 5 minutes Then add, vanilla, SP, mix 5 minutes again
2. Enter the flour and coconut water + precipitate, low mix speed until smooth.
3. Enter the pasta pandan. Stir well.
4. Spread Putu ayu with oil. Tata grated coconut at the bottom while in the press2. then add the mixture
5. Steam for about 20 minutes

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