Maintaining Children's Health Before Entering School

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After a long vacation, the child's diet is irregular and tends to consume a lot of fast food. Ahead of the entry of children back into school is a duty for mothers to pay attention to children's health. Some efforts to maintain children's health can be done by starting from maintaining the cleanliness of children to regulating and supervising what is eaten by the little one at school. Reporting from, there are 4 things that need to be considered for children's health in the future, which include:

  1. Meet the child's nutritional intake.

In fulfilling nutrition for children, parents can start by maintaining a balanced diet that contains protein, carbohydrates, and fats from both fruits and vegetables. However, if we look at the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Indonesia, the consumption of fruits and vegetables still does not meet WHO and FAO's recommended standards for adult individuals of 400 grams / day / individual or five servings of fruits and vegetables every day (WHO , 2003) and for children two to four servings of fruit and three to five servings of vegetables per day (Walker, 2005).

Fulfilling nutrition for children both from fruit and vegetables can be done by choosing the method of processing fruit and vegetables properly so that the child prefers it. Children usually prefer processed foods that are more savory, have a taste and have an attractive aroma. Generally the mothers process vegetables and fruits with inappropriate methods such as frying them with hot oil, adding salt, sugar and excess msg. If this continues, it can increase the risk of disease in the kidneys. To overcome this, mothers don't need to worry, Ladang Lima has tasty and healthy snack products such as Kiddos Cookies and Kiddos Cheese. Kiddos Cookies are products made from temulawak extract which are combined with unsalted butter, chopped almonds, and made from cassava flour. This painting enhances appetite for children and at the same time can maintain the child's immune system, and to fulfill the calories of the child during the growth period. In addition, Kiddos Cookies comes with a variant of cheese, the Kiddos Cheese, which is more savory while maintaining curcuma extract that has benefits as an appetite enhancer, maintains immunity, becomes a source of calcium and also satisfies the caloric needs of your child. Both of these products are gluten-free, without eggs, without preservatives, and without refined sugar so that it is safe for children and will certainly be favored by children as snacks.

  1. Teach to actively move

Most children prefer watching TV for hours to watch their favorite cartoon series. This makes him lazy to move, which in turn can increase the risk of getting various diseases. Parents need to teach children to actively exercise from an early age. The more children get older, the parents will be more difficult to be able to build habits to do physical activity.

Exercise can help various body tissues to develop, and train the body to coordinate well. By actively moving, various bone, muscle, and joint tissues can absorb nutrients better so they can grow stronger. To accompany the child in carrying out his activities which of course requires calories, you can provide Kiddos Cookies as snacks that can meet your small calorie needs when on the move.

  1. Perform immunization

Immunization is the first step to prevent children from disease. Immunization is done by injecting a weak form of a specific viral or bacterial disease that functions to trigger a child's immune response. So that the child's body will produce antibodies to fight the disease. Well, this is how immunization can increase a child's immunity.

In Indonesia, there are 5 types of mandatory immunizations that are given free of charge at Posyandu since birth, namely hepatitis B, BCG, polio, measles, and Pentavalen (DPT-HB-HiB). At present the government has also implemented MR (Measles and German Measles) vaccination starting in 2017 as a program immunization. Special pentavalent vaccines are given to prevent 6 diseases at once, namely diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis B, pneumonia, and meningitis (inflammation of the brain).

To complete immunization, of course, mothers also need to choose the right foods to be able to maintain the child's immunity, such as those in the Kiddos Cheese and Kiddos Cookies products because they contain good ginger to keep the little one's immune system.

  1. Become a good role model

In addition to the various things described above, the basic key that is no less important for maintaining children's health is to be a good role model. Remember, children's behavior imitates parents. Therefore, you are also required to also implement a healthy life as a whole. If you smoke, stop smoking. Also, avoid consuming alcoholic beverages. Make yourself a good role model for children later.



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