How to Buy


The Buyer is a registered User who buys the product sold on the Ladang Lima site by the Seller. All registered Users, without exception, are entitled to become Lima FieldBuyers .

Transaction Process

Ordering and Payment

The transaction process takes place since the Buyer orders the product at the Lima Farming service . The buyer and seller must carry out all steps of the transaction with the method provided by Ladang Lima . All forms of losses resulting from carrying out one, part or all of the transactions outside the method provided by the Lima Farm are not the responsibility of the Lima Farm .

When making an order, the Buyer means that he has read, observed, evaluated and agreed with all product information to be ordered.

The buyer must make a payment within a maximum of 2 x 24 hours after placing an order in accordance with the amount requested until the last digit. If the Buyer does not make a payment within the specified time, the Buyer is automatically deemed to cancel the transaction and the transaction will be automatically canceled by the system.

In the event that the Buyer pays more than requested, excess funds will be returned to the Buyer account after the Buyer reports this to Ladang Lima with proof of payment.If the Buyer pays less than the requested amount, the transaction can be declared successful after the Buyer pays the nominal value of the transaction, or the payment can be returned to the Buyer account and the Buyer can make a new payment in the appropriate nominal. The buyer cannot cancel the order if the payment has been received.

When the Buyer has completed the order and payment, the transaction is deemed successful.

Transaction Successful

The transaction will be considered successful if there are no protests / reports from the Buyer after 3 (three) days since the shipping status was declared successfully received by the expedition. After the transaction is successful, Ladang Lima does not receive reports or protests from the Buyer for any reason.