Terms and Conditions


This page contains all the terms and policies that govern how users use all services provided by Ladang Lima . By using the services of PT Agung Bumi Agro (" Ladang Lima ") in any form, including but not limited to visiting the site www.ladanglimastore.com . User means agreeing to follow all terms and conditions set forth in this page ("Terms and Conditions").

Account Ownership

All Users, without exception, have the right to register an account at Ladang Lima for free without any fees at all. Users who register and have an account in the Lima Fieldonwards will be referred to as "Registered Users". Users who register and sell their products in Lima Field are referred to as "Sellers". The user who buys the product from theLima Farm then is called "Buyer".

When registering an account, the user must fill in the data and information themselves with the truth, accurately, and completely. In addition, Users must also update User account information if a change occurs at any time. Any form of loss caused by incomplete and / or inaccurate information is not the responsibility of Ladang Lima .

The user is fully responsible for the account he registered. All forms of activities carried out on behalf of the account registered by the User are considered to be from the User itself.

The user is fully responsible for maintaining all User account information that is confidential. Ladang Lima shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the User failure in keeping secret information in his account.

Prohibitions and Sanctions

Users are prohibited from making and installing content that contains elements of SARA, discrimination, demeaning / cornering others, vulgar / sexual language, threatening, and not in its place in any form and purpose. Ladang Lima will change or delete content like this with or without warning to previous Users.

Users are prohibited from violating copyrights, patents, trademarks, and / or other intellectual rights of other parties at Ladang Lima . Farming Lima has the right to close the Registered User account that committed this violation. Parties whose intellectual rights are violated and feel aggrieved have the right to prosecute in accordance with the applicable Law in Indonesia. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

The seller who cancels the transaction unilaterally or negligently in carrying out the obligations of packaging and shipping as provided for in these Terms and Conditions will begiven a warning from Ladang Lima . Ladang Lima has the right to close the Seller account permanently if you have received 3 (three) reprimands without satisfactory settlement from the Seller.

Ladang Lima has the right to permanently close the Seller account which:

·    3 (three) times have failed to fulfill orders that have been received from the Buyer, both in quality and quantity, intentionally or unintentionally.

·    Providing dishonest information on the seller's profile or products sold at Ladang Lima .

Ladang Lima has the authority to freeze credit from the sale of the Seller if fraudulent acts are found / suspected in the transaction and / or violation of these Terms and Conditions.

All decisions taken by Farmers Lima on the basis of the Terms and Conditions and applicable laws are absolute and cannot be contested.

Environmental and Social Protection

Ladang Lima is a company that cares for good environmental and social sustainability. By buying and selling transactions through the Ladang Lima website , the Seller guarantees that:

·    The seller provides appropriate payments in accordance with the law to employees and related parties in the production and sale of products

·    Not employing minors

·    Not doing activities that violate the law and / or social norms

The seller is willing to conduct an audit by the Ladang Lima if the Seller has reached a sales figure of Rp. 1,000,000,000 (one billion Rupiah).

Copyright Policy

Every product sold on the Ladang Lima site belongs to the creator, maker and co-maker involved in making the product. Ladang Lima respects all User rights, and hopes that all Users respect each other for the creation of a useful, positive and comfortable Ladang Lima service for all Users without exception.

By registering products and approving product content uploads on the Ladang Lima site , the User agrees to give Ladang Lima a license for the content. This license entitlesLadang Lima to show and incorporate content from Users in various media owned by Ladang Lima for the purpose of individual promotion of Users and Fields of Lima .

Farming Lima refers to   Law No. 19 of 2002   about copyright as a rule that applies to all users of Ladang Lima . The user guarantees that all content entered into the Ladang Lima site is his own property and is not the result of copyright infringement of others. All content and actions that violate the copyrights of others will