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Agung Bumi Agro is a company that produces cassava flour and has the brand “Ladang Lima” which is the pioneer of Gluten Free food in Indonesia. We have a production site in the Pasuruan area with an area of 3 which is located close to the center of cassava farmers, at the foot of Mount Bromo. We continue to strive to meet the needs of Cassava Flour for both Indonesian and export to global market.


Our brand name “Ladang Lima” consists of two words, “Ladang” which means farmland where cassava grows naturally, and “Lima” or five in Bahasa Indonesia, which indicates the five health benefits that can be found in each of our product: Nutrient-rich, no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no artificial colouring and no artificial sweeteners.

 Ladang Lima products are produced using modern technology, high hygiene standard and high quality raw ingredients. All ingredients are sourced by local Indonesian farmers who grow cassava organically. Apart from cassava flour, we also produce several derivative products such as healthy vegetable noodles, pre-mixed flour, multipurpose seasoning flour, cookies and gluten-free pasta.

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As one of the largest cassava producers in the world, Indonesia has been using cassava as a traditional staple food, usually cooked by boiling or frying.

However, in today’s modern era, the interest to consume cassava within the young generation has decreased. This inspires us to create a modern food using cassava as the main ingredient. We proudly use our cassava flour to make cookies, pasta, pancake mix and vegetable noodles.

One of our main goals is to increase Indonesia’s national food security by optimizing one of the local food sources, namely cassava. The more we source our food locally, the stronger our food security is and the less we depend on food imports.


Apart from using the main ingredient that is cassava, we also make various derivative products ourselves with the highest quality raw ingredients and best nutritional values.

We create wholesome and healthy food products without preservatives, artificial coloring, sweetener and flavor. We are committed to delivering high quality healthy products.


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